Who We Are

Chemeca 2012 is a fast rising social media marketing resource platform and we aspire to be one of the world’s largest online resource platforms. Since our inception in 2012, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to discover how to best maximize social media tools to connect and interact with their customers and potential customers, drive traffic to their sites, as well as increase consumer awareness about their products, and overall increased sales.

Our team’s mission is to guide entrepreneurs to expertly navigate the ever-changing social media environment.

Our content is a mix of original and comprehensive articles and expert reviews, extensive research and featured content from other expert sources. We believe in the power of sharing and feedback, and therefore we value other external thoughts and opinions. What we desire is for entrepreneurs to have all the information they need to improve their decision making in selecting the best social media marketing campaigns for their products and services.

Through our founder Owen Blake, we realized that in as much as there are numerous platforms offering social media marketing advice, most of it is not put in a way that the layman can get it quickly. It is therefore our goal to ensure that we share our content in a simple way for you to get it the first time. No need for a re-read. We are here to help you improve your business through social media and that is all that matters.