What We Do

We agree that knowledge is power and it is our duty to ensure that entrepreneurs have the right social media knowledge and basic expertise to improve their enterprises. To achieve this we do the following:

We simplify social media marketing content

We have a huge following of entrepreneurs who look forward to our original, well-crafted and thought out articles devoid of technicalities. It is our duty to ensure that we meet and surpass all expectations. To this end we are open to publishing content from external contributors provided they meet our high standards.

We conduct comprehensive research

Social media keeps evolving therefore our team recognizes that insight that was available a few months back may not be very relevant today. Our expert team of researchers and trend spotters are keeping tabs on every development in social media marketing to ensure that they have the right insight to benefit entrepreneurs. Our goal is to keep you up to date with the future.

We are building a community of social media experts

Our platform is open to external contributors. Most importantly, we want most of them to be the very entrepreneurs who have benefited from our content. We want to ensure we have a community of social media experts who give feedback based on practical experience from their own enterprises.