Social Media – How to visually brand yourself

This is post is mainly targeted to entrepreneurs who need to link their personal brand to their enterprise through social media. After all, the best brand ambassador for your brand is you. When your customers can relate with you, they will better relate with your product or service. Social media offers the best tools to visually brand yourself through images. Here is how to do it.

#1 You don’t need to be a photography professional

Most people are intimidated by photography because they assume for you to produce good photos that are visually appealing you must be an expert at photography. This is not the case. To build your brand visually, select images that inspire you. These can be simple photos taken through your camera phone but they help you create a connection with your ideal clients as they visit your social media platforms. The idea is to share more about who you are.

#2 You need to plan your content calendar

In social media engagements, the trick is taking your audience through a journey. Part of building your visual brand is allowing your audience to experience that journey. Your audience need to get the feeling that they know you and that they have journeyed with you. Share your photos frequently and ensure they touch on different aspects of your life. Give your audience a taste of your family life, your business, your travels, your pet and even share inspiration quotes along with some of your photos. Let your photos tell a visual story.

#3 Don’t obsesses with being perfect

People tend to focus on others on social media who have ‘perfect’ feeds. This is a fallacy. It all comes down to how far the other person is at in terms of their own visual branding. They did not get to where they are in a day. Take your time and focus on your own images and don’t compare yourself with others. Focus on showing your audience who you really are not who you wish you were. Faking it denies you an opportunity to build real personal connections.

#4 Put a little bit of investment in your images

Generally, a good smartphone will get you good images. However, if you can, spend money on a smart phone that captures good images. Also, save up and buy or build a white canvas for images especially of your products. Images taken on a white background tend to speak to your value and also show off your photos. Social media is all about putting your best foot forward and this contributes a great deal to your visual image.