4 useful tools for creating social media content

As entrepreneurs, content creation for social media use may not be our strength but it is a task you can quickly learn to accomplish through these tools.

#1 You can write content faster using TextExpander

TextExpander is designed to match phrase, frequently used words and available templates to speed up your typing when creating content. The beauty about TextExpander is that it is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS. How it works is that when you type a shortcut, the software automatically replaces it with the full text. This is mostly going to benefit you if you use the same phrases over and over in your social media posts.

#2 You can use CloudApp to create GIFs

CloudApp offers you a convenient way to create GIFs as well as screenshots and screen recordings. It works through automatically storing your captured media on CloudApp’s server, then it gives you the option to choose an action e.g. GIF, screenshot or screen recording. Once you master the keyboard flow, it becomes quite a remarkably quick way to capture social media content.


#3 You can improve your content writing using ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offers you a free online editing tool that can help you improve your content writing. It works through not only flagging errors, but also recommends improvements which help you find the right words. As an entrepreneur, you will often write your social media content in batches since it saves on time therefore this web app will be the best proofreading option for you.

#4 You can record tutorials with Loom

As an entrepreneur, you may at time be required to create tutorials for your products or services which you then share through your social media platforms. Loom is your answer. It is a free and easy to use tool that enables you create video tutorials. It enables you capture your screen, camera, or both and creates unique pages for each video which you can then share on social media without the need to download or upload to another source.